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Shattered fog lamp e38

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How to repair an e38 (7th series BMW) fog lights. Diesel powered 7 series cars have a constructive vulnerability, the fog lamp are vulnerable to sporadic shattering, with fog lights turned on any water splash can cause the glass too shatter. look at the picture. So what can be done?

Diesels have narrow fog lights, gasoline cars' fog lights ar twice as wide and don't suffer from that kind of thermal stress.

To deal with the issue I managed to buy a polycarbonate glass replacement. So the replacement procedure in details:

Required parts and instruments:

  • Philips screw driver to remove the fog light;
  • Knife and another screwdriver to remove the pieces of broken glass from the cage of the fog lamp;
  • Hammer - this will help in removing the glass :)


  • New polycarbonate glass replacement
  • Silicon glue
  • plastic wrapping for glass fixation

So the process:

Remove pieces of glass and all the residues, with a knife

Put on the new glass to understand the amount of glue required

Fill in all the space between the glass and the cage with the glue, be careful not to spoil the glass it is polycarbonate and can be ruined if you put some glue on the visible side.

Everything is almost ready, wrao the fog light with the plastic to fixate the glass.

That is it, after 12 hours the glue is hard enough ti out the light on the car.