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Changing fuel filter on 1999 BMW 730d (Common Rail diesel)

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Changing fuel filter on 1999 BMW 730d (Common Rail diesel)

Tools required:
13mm wrench, 2 hands and some cloth for sweeping and covering purposes.

Now lets zoom in on the filter housing


We shall follow the TIS repair manual with the following steps.
1.  Open the hinges at the fuel lines connectors (marked with yellow dots on the pic) and force the lines out. I'm writing to force them out because it was quit difficult to take those lines out.

2.  All lines disconnected and covered with cloth. 

3.  Disconnect the only electrical connector on the housing (it is a pressure supply monitoring)

4.  Unscrew 2 bolts and remove the housing and the filter from the car.

Thats the view of the filter out of the car:


new replacement part from BOSCH
5.  Unscrew old filter with hand or any appropriate tool (BMW advises a special tool for that purpose)
6.  New filter MUST bew screwed on by hand ONLY no extra force.
7.  Puting fuel lines back might be a chalenging task, make sure not to brake anything.

8.  So now the only thing left is venting the air out of the fuel system, to do it simply turn the key to position 1 (ignition) and wait while the transparent tube is free of bubles, i've done 3 cycles of ignition on/off until vented the system out. Manual says to switch the ignition on for 1 minute, but in my case the fuel pump wa working for 15 sec or so and then switching of, so 3 cycles were needed.

Thats it!