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How to install fsprotect on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid)

Some intro about fsprotect:
set of scripts to transparently mount a RAM fs over the readonly root file system to protect the flash storage. (the idea is not to write anything to the flash disk while system is running, this utility protects your system from fs corruption after unexpected power downs.)

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Debian linux static routes addition

To add static routes on system start-up one can use directory:


create executable file and add required actions there, file is run right after the network interfaces are up.

vi /etc/network/if-up.d/static-routes

#  Add static routes
/sbin/route add -net netmask gw

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Bridge IPSec-VPN-Tunnel

How to connect two networks together with a secure tunnel? It’s simple, follow these steps.

Use OpenBSD distro to create encrypted L2 IPSec tunnel between machines.

Terminology: MACRO expr. in use:

<IP_NEAR> - current router ip, alias near_end
<IP_FAR> - far router ip, alias far_end
both – execute command on both routers
<NETMASK> - network mask

All examples are based on OpenBSD 3.7

Configuration tips:

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Create software RAID1 volume with FreeBSD

Create mirror volume using standart FreeBSD 5.4 and later tools (gmirror).

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Building and installing libqxx libraries on Win32 machine

Build libpq.dll and libpqdll.lib interface libraries.

Get postgresql sources .tar.gz

Extract archive into e.g.: E:\PGPROG\postgresql-8.1.3

Run VS.NET command prompt

Change working directory src of the extracted source tree

cd E:\PGPROG\postgresql-8.1.3\src

Run win32 make file:

nmake.exe /f win32.mak

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