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Password reset for Summit from Extreme networks

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Reset procedure was checked on the following hardware: Summit24e3, Summit5i, Alpine series, might work on other Summit like switches from extreme.

Password reset procedure:

  1. Connect switch to local serial console;
  2. Cold boot your device (power of the device, wait a minute, power on the device);
  3. In the very beginning of the boot process press Space to enter boot menu;
  4. Follow this procedure to remove any configuration and passwords:
    1. Press “1” to select primary boot image;
    2. Press “k” to erase current configuration;
    3. Press “d” to load default configuration;
    4. Press “f” to load switch with reset config;
  5. The result of this procedure is a switch with default login: admin and an empty password.

BootROMmenu(General description):

1: Select primary code image
2: Select secondary code image
3: Select primary configuration
4: Select secondary configuration
b: Change baud rate
d: Force default configuration
f: Boot on board flash
h: Help
k: Erase selected configuration
p: Boot PCMCIA cards:
s: Load code image from serial port using XMODEM