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Share the same SMTP address space (domain name) with a different e-mail server

Mail system consists of three servers:

Border SMTP connectivity is managed by a Postfix/BSD based server, implementing ClamAV virus scanning, blacklisting, graylisting and spam assassin classification.

Additional functionality:

  • blocked content is available through web interface;
  • users are authenticated through Active Directory;
  • current mailbox lists (used domain names and user mailboxes) are refreshed on regular basis, using unprivileged AD user and OpenSSH connectivity to refresh mailbox lists from BSD mail server’s MySQL user tables.

Main mail server – Microsoft Exchange 2003.

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Bridge IPSec-VPN-Tunnel

How to connect two networks together with a secure tunnel? It’s simple, follow these steps.

Use OpenBSD distro to create encrypted L2 IPSec tunnel between machines.

Terminology: MACRO expr. in use:

<IP_NEAR> - current router ip, alias near_end
<IP_FAR> - far router ip, alias far_end
both – execute command on both routers
<NETMASK> - network mask

All examples are based on OpenBSD 3.7

Configuration tips:

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Create software RAID1 volume with FreeBSD

Create mirror volume using standart FreeBSD 5.4 and later tools (gmirror).

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